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IK Multimedia ARC2 - Advanced Room Correction System

IK Multimedia ARC2 - Advanced Room Correction System

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Accurate acoustics ensure you mix better, and IK Multimedia's ARC 2 room correction software system helps your control room sound its best. ARC 2 is better than ever, with a completely redesigned interface for simplicity, four-times-greater resolution for even greater accuracy, and the ability to save and recall multiple correction setups. And ARC 2 lets you get set up fast, requiring you to take fewer measurements than before. Whether you've already acoustically treated your mixing room or not, the IK Multimedia ARC 2 room correction software system will help you mix more accurately.

It's easy to integrate ARC 2 into your studio
The ARC (Advanced Room Correction) system measures and calculates the acoustics in your room, then applies correction via an advanced EQ plug-in. Using an included flat-response measurement microphone, ARC 2 software measures your room's acoustics and formulates corrections. The system then uses a frequency/time-correction processing plug-in to work with your DAW, giving you a "corrected" environment every time. If you want the most accurate, optimum room for mixing, use ARC to make it happen.

Ideal for any control room
Ever since you started mixing audio, you've been chasing "perfect" acoustics, right? ARC 2 has the potential to make any room sound more accurate. Think of it this way: if you have no acoustic treatment, you'll encounter all manner of acoustic anomalies like null points, standing waves, asymmetrical reflections, and so on. ARC 2's advanced processing can work wonders in a room like that, and you'll immediately notice a clearer stereo image, more accurate frequency response, and better separation between sounds. Now consider a well-treated room: ARC 2 has the high resolution to iron out any tiny inconsistencies it can find, still leading to a more accurate mixing environment.

ARC 2 offers even more than before
ARC 2 gives you a lot more than the first generation system.More resolution gives you even better low end response, and mids and highs sound even more natural too. You can now select a target EQ curve, to tailor the correction process to your sonic taste. A new Virtual Monitoring feature emulates the sound of different speaker systems to check mix translation, and you can now save multiple correction set-ups for different rooms or mix positions. Basically, ARC 2 gives you even more of the things that made the original ARC system so acclaimed, plus lots of new and useful stuff too.

IK Multimedia ARC 2 Room Correction Software System Features:
  • Acoustic-correction system including native software plug-in and flat-response reference microphone
  • Enhances the accuracy of your studio's acoustics in two easy steps
  • Included reference microphone can be used for ultra-accurate recordings too
  • Enhanced low-frequency resolution, in the range that acoustic problems are most pronounced
  • Mac/PC, RTAS, AU, VST
  • 64-bit compatible
  • Enjoy better stereo imaging, better detail, and more accurate frequency response

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