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Metric Halo LIO-8 - Line Level Digital Audio Interface

LIO-8 - Line Level Digital Audio Processor, Metric Halo

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Metric Halo LIO-8 - Line Level Digital Audio Interface

LIO-8 - Line Level Digital Audio Interface, Metric Halo

The best of everything you need, without the stuff you don't!

When we introduced the ULN-8, people raved about the sonic quality, the features, and the power of our architecture. We also heard from the people that have their own "go to" mic pres, people that use analog consoles, and those that edit but don't record. They love the ULN-8 too, but didn't need the mic pres.

We heard you. For you, we have the LIO-8.

The LIO-8 incorporates the same Metric Halo Audio technologies in the ULN-8 including:

  • 192k sample rate support for both Analog and AES Inputs and Outputs
  • New DC-coupled, zero phase distortion, servo balanced Line Inputs and Outputs
  • Fully clickless remote controlled Monitor outputs. All LIO-8 analog outputs incorporate Metric Halo clickless remote technology allowing for flexible monitoring applications from stereo to 7.1 surround.


As with all Metric Halo products, the LIO-8 features an upgrade path. Or two.

While the base configuration of the LIO-8 doesn't include mic pres, you can opt to have 4 or 8 channels of the same ULN-R mic pres as the ULN-8 included in your unit. The LIO can be ordered this way from the factory, or the pres can be installed later.

You can also choose to upgrade your processing by adding the +DSP license, which adds over 100 plug-ins to your LIO and gives you the ability to create and save complex processing "graphs" as well as access to factory supplied "macros" including processors, amp simulators and more. Adding +DSP to your LIO is easy, just put the software license code into MIO Console and your box is unlocked.

Suite Solution

With everything you need to record, mix, process, and master audio (just add your DAW of choice, analog front end and transducers), the LIO-8 is your one-stop solution for recording, edit, mix and mastering suites. Even if you are using a DAW or recording system that does not support the LIO-8 Firewire interface, the unit's standalone operation and standard AES and analog interface allow you to use it as the Audio Front End and Monitor Controller for Pro Tools, standalone and PC based recording systems.

The Ultimate Digital Upgrade

The LIO-8 is a great way to upgrade your audio system. Put it between your existing gear and your DAW to get all of the benefits of our analog design, conversion technology and DSP without ripping your room apart. Adding a LIO to an analog console is like buying new converters and getting a digital mixer with total recall for free. Using our ConsoleConnect technology you can insert EQs, compressors, gates, reverbs and more into our v.5 Mixer and have all your routing and settings recalled with your DAW session.

  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k A/D converters
    • Exceptionally flat, low-distortion A/D conversion
    • DC-coupled for ultra-low phase distortion
  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A converters
    • Exceptionally flat, low-distortion D/A conversion
    • DC-coupled for ultra-low phase distortion
  • 2 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A converters with integrated headphone amp
    • Same high-quality DC-coupled conversion
    • Dedicated, digitally controlled high-power headphone amplifier
  • Analog Balanced Send architecture for onboard split
    • Analog inputs can be sent to analog consoles, backup recorders, etc.
  • 2 Channels of Exceptional DI inputs suitable for instrument or turntable inputs
    • Ultra-High-Z for no instrument loading
    • Balanced or unbalanced operation
    • Jumper configurable pre-trim gain
  • Integrated Surround Monitor Controller
    • Provides switching between any set of user specified sources (FW, AES, Analog, Mix)
    • Analog domain gain control for monitor output from Front Panel or computer
    • Supports input and monitor paths from Mono to 7.1
  • 8 Channels of 192k capable AES Inputs and Outputs
    • Available as computer I/O or direct routed I/O for converters
    • Support full channel count at all sample rates
    • Professional interfacing
  • Comprehensive Front Panel Controls
    • Full support for standalone converter operation
      • Sample Rate selection
      • Clock source selection
    • Tactile Control of Input and Output gains
      • Gain level indication with MH Digital Dual Vernier Technology
      • Numeric gain level indication while changing gains
    • Tactile Control Cans level
    • Tactile Control Monitor Controller gain (mono - 7.1)
    • Preset recall
    • Multichannel gain linking control
    • Monitor Controller control surface
    • User-controllable brightness
    • User-controllable knob sensitivity
  • Comprehensive, High Resolution 15 Segment Precision Front Panel Metering
    • Real, functional metering for analog inputs and outputs
    • Unique �Meter on knob� functionality
    • Multi-color signal level/presence metering for AES inputs and outputs
  • Comprehensive Clocking (Internal, Word Clock, AES)
  • Dedicated internal clock sources for all rates
  • Dedicated MIDI I/O for Control Surface interfacing
    • MIDI Input and Output on standard DIN connectors
    • MIDI transported to computer via FireWire for use in connecting Mackie Control protocol Control Surfaces
  • Dedicated SMPTE LTC I/O for Timecode without sacrificing any audio channels
    • Properly conditioned and band-limited SMPTE I/O on TRS balanced connections
    • Available to any CoreAudio application as audio streams
    • Directly routable to Record Panel SMPTE decoder
  • Rock-solid, time-tested fifth-generation software and drivers
    • Integrated Mixing and Instantiable DSP Processing
      • Fully configurable multibus mixer with surround support (up to 7.1)
      • Full Send/Return architecture
      • Ultra-low latency, on-the-metal monitoring
      • Insert model for inserting zero-latency plugins
      • Signal Processing bundle that includes:
        • Metric Halo�s exclusive Character signal processing available on every channel
        • HaloVerb (mono/mono & stereo/stereo)
        • MIOStrip � a complete channel strip Plug-in which includes:
          • Gate w/side-chain filter
          • Compressor w/side-chain filter
          • 6-band EQ
        • MIODelay � a short time track alignment delay
        • M/S Decoder
        • Dither
      • Per-channel and Per-bus Insertable Character�
    • FireWire Interfacing with ultra-stable, ultra low-latency drivers (FW400 & FW800 supported)
      • Supports Mac OS X v. 10.4 and newer (PPC and Intel)
      • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit kernels
    • Bidirectional Control Surface Support
      • Integrated Front Panel Tactile Controls
      • Eucon Control Surfaces
      • Mackie Control Protocol Control Surfaces
    • Integrated Multichannel Recorder (Record Panel)
      • Multichannel, multi-box tape-style high-performance recorder
      • Exceptional Stability and Sound Quality
      • Realtime waveform display
      • Extensive File Format support (BWF, WAVE, CAF, AIFF, SD2)
      • BWF timestamping from TOD or LTC (any input channel or dedicated SMPTE input)
      • Support for basic BWF metadata
      • Support for limiting record file size and seamless file breaking
      • Seamless manual file breaking (with timestamping)
      • Support for mirrored recording (recording to two drives at once)
      • Multichannel take playback
  • DC-Powerable
  • High quality, custom designed formed powder-coated aluminum case
    • Strong
    • Light weight
    • Scratch and fingerprint resistant
    • Smooth contours for snag-free transportation in a gig-bag
    • Rack-mountable with included rack-ear kit
  • Exceptional Power Performance (only 32 Watts)
  • Low mass (6 lbs / 2.7 kg)
  • Extremely Compact (everything in 1 RU)
  • Future Proof, Expandable, and software-enhanceable
  • Optional 4 or 8 Channels of Exceptional Remote Controllable Ultra-Low-Noise Clickless Preamps
    • Custom designed Digitally Controlled analog preamps
    • Metric Halo Zero-Cross switching technology for clickless operation
    • Discreet gain and trim stages for ultra-high headroom operation (supports +20 dBu input)

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