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Overloud TH1, custom Guitar Effects suite, now 64 bit for PC!!!

ILIO - Overloud TH1

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ILIO - Overloud TH1- Guitar Effects Suite Software -w/FREE update to version 1.1

Download the FREE TRIAL for 14 days

The Story Behind TH1 � The Modeling Technology

When Overloud was founded in 2006, the mad scientists constituting its tech-core had already about ten years of experience in the field of analog and tube emulation. In particular, our head DSP developer and CTO Thomas Serafini worked on lots of revered plug-in products from the late 90s and early 2000s.

After that experience he chose to go back to the University (he's still a young man) in order to take further his research on analog, digital and tube modeling.

In that era, Thomas published the Simulanalog.org website featuring highly regarded GUI-less guitar-oriented VST plug-ins for PC. Once he realized that his ideas had potential for a totally new generation of amp-modeling products he joined the other partners to start Overloud with the main goal of being able to further develop and refine his research full-time and in a product-oriented fashion.

More than two years later, TH1 is now born and its name carries an homage to Thomas (TH) and his relentless research for perfection in modeling and nonetheless excellent algorithm design optimizations taking TH1 to a Quality vs. CPU cycles level unheard of before.

The Story Behind TH1 � THe User Interface Concepts

In 2006 the first GUI concepts we developed for the forth-to-come-TH1 were rather standard, maybe a bit too similar to what the competition has still on offer now.

We quickly understood that a nice looking GUI was not enough to fulfill our goals and had to be comparable in concept to quality level of our models. The User Interface was the key!

So, while the rest of the Overloud team was busy developing BREVERB, three of us met at a fast-food in the middle of nowhere in central Italy to discuss about the 'guitar-thing': the mad scientist no. 1, the bug-eating and feature-fond developer and the foolish guitarist-engineer-producer.

After a long meeting (and lots of sodas and water), some ideas were put on paper (tissues!).

To make a long story short, we ended up focusing on the main features of TH1 as you see it now: sound, ease of use, control capabilities.
Refining these three simple concepts took almost two years and we got to admit it's an ongoing matter of discussion here, since we really love bettering (or neglecting) our ideas, especially when these ideas are the ones taking the user experience to a whole new level.

� TH1 has been updated to V.1.1!

� Overloud is giving away RECABINET (user customizable IR-based cabinet software)

Please read on....

Introducing TH1 version 1.1, boasting an amazing set of new features and models with improved functionality.

New Version 1.1 Features


� Two amplifiers: BassFace �59 (US) classic amp and Overloud Custom boutique-class amp;

� Amplifier adds a VariFire panel and control: a Gain-Character control for expanded distortion color control;

� Three Rack Effects: Spatial Delay, Comb Delay, Pattern Delay with 66 different patterns and up to 8 taps;

� Mixer Pro with control on Phase, Stereo Width, Sample Delay and Mono/Stereo output switch;

� Splitter with Balance/Switch capabilities and with two Crossover modes (HPF/LPF and BPF/BRF) and frequency/width controls;

� Dual IR Cabinet module allows users to load commercial or their own cabinet Impulse Responses with balance, phase and micro-delay control with HPF and LPF;

� Dual IR Cabinet comes preloaded with Recabinet Demo and the Experimental Cabinet collection from Wild Hades;

� Eight new Stomp Boxes: Noise Gate / Expander, Mild Flanger, Rich Flanger, Analog Flanger, D-Reverb, D-Delay, 7-Band Graphic EQ and 5-Band Amp EQ;

Ease Of Use
� Module Presets: user and factory;

� UI: Auto-hiding Overview panel simplifies the use of TH1 on smaller monitors;

� UI Floor skinning: drag & drop or select via right-click in the background, factory and user-picked background Floors in .png and .jpg formats;

� Copy and paste of modules between Variations and different instances of TH1;

� Localized numeric value display when moving module parameters;

� Computer keyboard value-entry;

� Bank import and export functions;

� New Browser implementation with right-click functions for copy, paste and clear of Banks, Sounds and Variations.


� Smart MIDI Control: assign Smart Controls to any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function;

� Direct Variation MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change with Auto-Learn Function to the direct recall of any of the 8 Variations in the currently active Sound;

� Remote Preset MIDI Control: other than the default Program and Bank message control, TH1 can be programmed (also via Auto-Learn) to respond to MIDI CC, Note On and Program Changes for operations like Bank up/down, Sound up/down, Variation up/down;

� Global MIDI Control: assign any MIDI CC, Note On or Program Change to all Volume Pedals, Wahs, Internal BPM Tap Tempo, Tuner status, Output Mute and Output Volume;

� MIDI: Saving of MIDI Bindings configuration presets;

� Smart: copy, swap, remove Smart Controls via drag&drop actions;

� Smart: button to swap Min and Max values;

� Smart: new Smart types, Touch (momentary switch), Stepper Up, Stepper Down, Stepper Up/Down with up to four different user definable settings to step through.

Improvements and Fixes

� Better Noise Gate implementation in Master Section;

� You can use left and right arrow keys in the Browser panel to scroll through Variations;

� Dedicated button to open the Smart Connections window;

� Fixes for Digidesign Pro Tools 8;

� Various automation fixes;

� Master parameters get saved with song/session and when quitting the standalone version;

� Host, Internal and Variation-based BPM for maximum flexibility.

TH1 v.1.1, a free update for registered users, is available now.

TH1 Guitar Effects Suite

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