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SoundToys PrimalTap V5 Classic Delay (License code download)

SoundToys PrimalTap V5 (License code download)


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SoundToys PrimalTap V5 Classic Delay (License code download)

A Classic Delay from 1978 Returns

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The Soundtoys PrimalTap plug-in serves up all the vintage delay goodness you could ask for. Based on the Prime Time hardware delay from 1978, PrimalTap delivers everything from subtle chorusing and flanging to complex multi-tap delays. It's perfect for lo-fi echo effects. The Freeze mode allows you to loop audio as you manipulate the Time controls for wild pitch-bending effects. A VCO section lets you modulate the delays for animated, evolving effects. In short, the Soundtoys PrimalTap plug-in is a powerful delay processor with an undeniably vintage character.

Soundtoys PrimalTap Delay Plug-in Features:
  • Two delay taps for more creative options
  • Make your delays sound as hi-fi or lo-fi as you want
  • Powerful VCO section for modulation effects
Two delay taps for more creative options

With two delay taps, the Soundtoys PrimalTap delay plug-in can create some cool rhythmic effects. And each delay tap can be modulated individually for even more creative potential.

Make your delays sound as hi-fi or lo-fi as you want

The Multiply control on the PrimalTap delay doubles the delay time with each increment, and it achieves this by halving the audio's sample rate - just like the original Prime Time delay that it's modeled after. Each time you halve the sample rate, the fidelity drops as you'd expect. At extreme settings, PrimalTap sounds gritty and lo-fi, yet it always sounds musically pleasing.

Powerful VCO section for modulation effects

The VCO section in PrimalTap allows you to add motion to your delay effects. It also makes it possible to create chorus and flanger effects. And because you can have full VCO control over each of the two delay taps, you can use one tap to create a flanger effect and feed that into the other tap for an echo effect.

Soundtoys PrimalTap Delay Plug-in Features:
  • Dual-tap delay plug-in with extensive modulation capabilities
  • 6 algorithms give you Classic, Series, Parallel, Criss Cross, Reverb, and Ping Pong delay and echo effects
  • 4 LFO shapes for modulation can be applied to each delay tap separately
  • Freeze mode lets you capture up to 2.5 seconds of audio in a loop for sonic manipulation
  • Multiply control halves the sample rate as it doubles delay time for lo-fi effects
  • Modulation lets you create chorus, flanger, and ring-mod effects
Soundtoys PrimalTap is a go-to plug-in for vintage delay effects!

Tech Specs

Software Type Vintage Delays Platform Mac, PC Upgrade/Full Full Download Download Bit Depth 32-bit, 64-bit iLok Required Account only required Format AAX Native, VST, AU, AudioSuite Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel processor, 4GB RAM Hardware Requirements - PC Intel compatible processor, 4GB RAM OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.8 or later OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later Manufacturer Part Number PrimalTap 5 Whether you’re looking for a studio delay that’s full of 80s character, or a performance tool that responds to knob tweaking with mind-bending sounds, PrimalTap is a must!

PrimalTap is an emulation and re-imagining of the unique sound and features of the Prime Time delay, a classic digital delay with some powerful performance and sound design capabilities. Like the original hardware, PrimalTap is a hybrid of digital and analog sound—it packs a surprising amount of grit, vibe, and character for a digital delay. In true Soundtoys fashion, we’ve also evolved and enhanced some of the unique features of the original hardware to give you even more control and creative possibilities.


In PrimalTap, the Multiply control doubles the delay time and halves the sample rate with each turn of the rotary switch. This is an emulation of the old Prime Time units—back in the early 80s the memory needed for the delay circuit was really expensive, so the designers cleverly let you choose longer delay times at the expense of audio quality.

But this limitation turned out to be one of the effect’s greatest creative features. You can dial in gritty lo-fi echoes or, If you’re looking for something more unconventional, try turning or automating the knob while audio is playing and you’ll create some really unusual pitch jumps. Combine that with PrimalTap’s VCO modulation, and you’ve got some really wild sounds on your hands.


Like the original hardware, PrimalTap includes a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) section that lets you add variation and motion to your echoes. Use it to create lush chorused effects, tape-like flanging, and echoes that drift gently in pitch. It’s perfect for dialing up those great shimmering guitar sounds of the 80s, or for creating more wild and unstable modulations. Unlike the original, PrimalTap’s Rate control lets you take the VCO up into the audio frequency range, so you can even create robotic ring modulation effects.

For more hands-on tweakability, grab the Adjust knob which lets you manually sweep the VCO section for smooth, glitch free warping of the delayed signal. Try tweaking the Rate and Adjust controls and you’ll find yourself creating warbling sci-fi sounds in no time. And, of course, you can record or draw automation in your favorite DAW to capture and fine tune all of these weird modulation effects. PrimalTap really comes alive when you automate it!


Ready to move into even weirder territory? Tap the Freeze button to grab a slice of incoming audio. At its most basic, the Freeze feature lets you loop audio, either synced to tempo or at a length you choose. But the real madness begins when you start to adjust the Time, Freeze and VCO settings—you can quickly warp and modulate a sliver of audio into weird and beautiful soundscapes.

Twist the time knobs to create zippering sweeps. Tweak the VCO controls for ray gun barrages. And dive bomb to a lower octave with the Multiply knob. Freeze is capable of producing some truly otherworldly sounds when you start experimenting with PrimalTap’s other controls.


The original Prime Time unit, initially released in 1978, was a favorite of some highly creative sonic pioneers like Daniel Lanois (who’s still rocking his Prime Time today), Brian Eno, David Byrne, Pat Metheny, and Peter Gabriel. Some creative users even started using it as an instrument, tweaking knobs and pressing buttons while processing live audio.

primetime - circuit - angled

The unusual lo-fi and pitch-glitching effects were literally one of a kind at the time. It came stock with 128 milliseconds of delay, and could be optionally upgraded to 256 (for a substantial fee). Like many classic pieces of audio gear, over time, the limitations or imperfections are often what create the character that people come to love. In the case of the Prime Time, RAM was expensive, so in an attempt to get the most from the least, the engineers came up with the multiply function to increase delay time at the expense of sonic quality. That limitation is what was exploited to make this a highly sought after sound, and that sound is what drove us to create PrimalTap.

A New Direction

While PrimalTap faithfully emulates the original Prime Time, we couldn’t resist bringing this classic unit into the 21st century by adding new features and enhancements:


  • Get vintage digital delay sounds inspired by the quirky Prime Time echo
  • Create complex delay effects and modulations with 2 independent delay taps
  • Create insane pitch jumps with the Multiply knob
  • Create everything from lush chorus to sci-fi warbles with the VCO section
  • Sample, loop and warp incoming audio using the unique Freeze control
  • Go beyond the original hardware with expanded memory and creative new features
PrimalTap Tutorial

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