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TC Electronic Clarity X - Multi-format Monitoring System

TC Electronic Clarity X - Multi-format Monitoring System

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Product Code : CLARITY-X


Clarity X is an ultra-flexible monitor controller, covering channel formats up to 7.1 surround. Plus it includes several advanced meters that allow you to never compromise on the clarity and intelligibility of your mix.

Simply secure the best foundation for your crucial mix decisions, including monitor calibration, center channel balance, downmix and loudness compatibility, etc.

Clarity X helps you with all of this.
And still, we have merely scratched the surface of the best and most advanced Multi-Format Monitoring System ever created...

Calibrated Listening

Our ears and brain react differently to various listening levels. Voices live in the mid-range and that has been important throughout evolution. So, at low levels, our brain emphasize the mid-range, while we allow more bass and treble at higher listening levels.

Consequently, if you mix at low levels you would be likely to boost the low and high areas more than you would at a higher listening level.

That is why you should always mix on a calibrated monitoring system: Playback at the same SPL simply ensures that your mixes remain consistent.

And we include a measuring microphone that is perfectly calibrated for Clarity X.

Visual Feedback

You should always mix with your ears first, but having visual meters as well can be a great help.

Clarity X gives you 5 dedicated meters covering loudness/true-peak, center channel balance, SPL, downmix compatibility and dose usage. On the loudness side, you get our brand new LM8 that covers any channel formats up to 7.1 surround.

The best way to check downmix compatibility is to hit the remote and listen to your mix in stereo, but with the Stereo deviation meter you may save some precious time.

In short, let your ears be your pilot, but allow your eyes to be your guide.

Speech Intelligibility

When mixing content with spoken words, it is absolutely crucial that what's being said is clear. Yet this issue is the single most common complaint broadcasters receive today.

Clarity X helps you create mixes with greater intelligiblity in many ways, but a key component is the meter showing the
Center Ratio.

We have analyzed dialogs from film, drama and TV shows to determine the ideal loudness balance between the center channel (foreground) in a surround mix and the other channels (background).

If the actors mumble or the recording itself is poor, there is little we can do, but we can help you keep an eye on the general balance which just may be what you need to always keep speech intelligibility at its best.

Master Your Monitors

The Clarity X remote control is so sleek and appealing that you may want to bring it back home from work every night. That's the kind of gadget and coolness factor it possesses!

Seriously, though, it gives you everything you need right at your finger tips and you can program it to reflect your workflow perfectly.

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