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ToonTrack Reggae EZmix Pack

ToonTrack Reggae EZmix Pack

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Just like jazz or blues, you can often spot a reggae track the second it hits you. It has one of the most distinct sounds, rhythms and feels of any genre. In this EZmix pack, Toontrack teamed up with Sweden’s premier reggae studio of the past three decades, Rub-a-Dub Studios, to dig deeper into the art of roots and reggae production. "We did something unique this time", says Ulf Edlund, Toontrack’s sound designer. "We brought a digital rig and ran it alongside the analog setup at the studio. We then A/B tested and matched all tones and settings against that. We were really blown away by how the emulations in the back end of EZmix 2 performed", he says. The end result is an impressive collection of tape saturated, tube-sizzling and warm settings for a wide range of instruments and mix scenarios. It doesn't only cover the essential guitar and bass tones, but comes with complete effect chains for drums, piano, organ, percussion, horns and vocals. On top of that, it has the genre's characteristic aux bus effect presets with phasers, delays, plate and spring reverbs. And of course, the eternal, dwindling self feeding dub-delays. This pack paints a comprehensive picture of the distinct sonic landscape that is at the heart and soul of reggae. All that it leaves up to you is to voice your own expression and be creative.

Name Instrument Type
Aux Plate Any Aux
Reverbalize It Any Aux
Group Bus Plate Any Group Bus
Phaser Stereo Bus Any Group Bus
Rumble Reducer Any Insert
Vintage Tape Any Insert
Master Limit EQ Any Master
Master Tape Any Master
Bass EQ Sweep Bass Insert
Bass Fatter Bass Insert
Bass Guitar Dubber Bass Insert
Bass Sharpen Bass Insert
Bass Tape Bass Insert
Horn EQ and Delay Brass Insert
Horn EQ and Plate Brass Insert
Horn Tape Drive Brass Insert
Cymbal EQ Sweep Cymbals Insert
Slap Delay Drums Aux
Harder Drums Come Drums Group Bus
Lead Guitar FX Guitar Electric Insert
Phased Guitar Guitar Electric Insert
Pluck Guitar Dimension Guitar Electric Insert
Rhythm Guitar EQ Guitar Electric Insert
Rhythm Guitar Spring Guitar Electric Insert
Hat Dimension Hi-Hat Insert
Sharpen Hi-Hat Hi-Hat Insert
Kick EQ Sweep Kick Insert
Kick Thump Kick Insert
Kick Transient Kick Insert
Organ Spring Organ Insert
Organ Tape Dimension Organ Insert
Naya Springhi Percussion Insert
Percussion Tape Percussion Insert
Percussion Transients Percussion Insert
Phased Piano Piano Insert
Piano EQ Sweep Piano Insert
Babylon by FXBus SFX Aux
Dub Delay SFX Aux
Longest Delay SFX Aux
Sidestick Finder Snare Insert
Snare Slap Snare Insert
Snare Tape Snare Insert
Floor Tom EQ Sweep Tom Insert
Tom EQ Sweep Tom Insert
Vocal Spring Reverb Vocals Aux
Backing Vocal Vocals Insert
Backing Vocal Spring Vocals Insert
Lead Vocal Vocals Insert
Lead Vocal Body Vocals Insert
Lead Vocal Spring Vocals Insert

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