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Yamaha 02R96VCM Digital Recording Console

Yamaha 02R96VCM Digital Recording Console

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The Yamaha 02R sparked the digital revolution back in 1995, and remained the professional standard until the release of the 02R96 in 2002. Now the 02R96 Version 2 expands the envelope once more, redefining the "state-of-the-art" for digital audio production. With more than five times the processing power of the original 02R, the 02R96 Version 2 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date with today's most advanced production needs. And since the 02R96 inherits key features from Yamaha's flagship DM2000 Digital Production Console - 96-kHz audio, surround monitoring, studio manger software, and DAW control - it makes the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production available to a broad range of engineers and facilities.

Uncompromised 24-bit/96kHz performance throughout
Unlike conventional equipment that achieves operation in 96-kHz mode with reduced number of channels, the 02R96 imposes no such limitations - at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. Full 96kHz resolution with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators is the standard. You get 56 channels of transparent, super-dynamic 24-bit/96-kHz audio, plus all the additional effects and processing you'll ever need for most applications. Yamaha has included a comprehensive range of 96-kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing in the 02R96 - plus several designed specifically for surround. And you can use as many as four individual effect processors simultaneously.

Superlative sound from preamps and A/D converters
And what about critical A/D conversion? All onboard A/D and D/A conversion makes use of the finest 24-bit/96-kHz converters. This is particularly important in the 02R96 because it features head amplifiers derived from the acclaimed DM2000 - some of the finest analog mic preamps available in any console, anywhere. The on-board converters ensure that you get an excellent digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these remarkable mic preamps. I/O capability is also in line with the rest of the console's performance: four I/O slots accept a new range of 24-bit/96-kHz-capable Mini-YGDAI digital and analog I/O cards as well as existing types.

Dozens of improvements in Version 2
The 02R96 Version 2 adds features and functionality that place it right at the forefront of modern production requirements, delivering mixing performance, effects, surround capability, and operational efficiency that set it apart from all other consoles in its class.

02R96 Version 2 upgrades include:
  • Top-quality channel compression, gating, EQ, and delay - All 56 input channels on the 02R96 feature flexible, independent compression and gating/ducking processors for dynamics control. The 4-band parameter channel equalizers also offer extra versatility with switchable "type I" or "type II" EQ algorithms to deliver the type of EQ response you prefer. Even the channel delay goes beyond the norm, with a maximum delay of 453 milliseconds. Version 2 even features comp/gate gain reduction metering on the meter display.
  • Pro Tools and Nuendo Control - When used with a DAW system the 02R96 provides physical control of mixer functions as well as recorder control. Control functions for Digidesign's Pro Tools and Steinberg's Nuendo digital audio workstation software are provided as standard libraries. By simply connecting the console to a computer via the TO HOST connector (combined USB and serial), the console's faders and encoders can be used for DAW control to create a seamless, efficient production environment. You have direct control of Pro Tools surround panning via the 02R96 joystick. Just about any other DAW software can be accommodated via MIDI by creating an appropriate MIDI assignment table.
  • Add-On Effects capability - The 02R96 Version 2 is compatible with Yamaha's outstanding Add-On Effects series (sold separately). According to your signal-processing needs you could add the Channel Strip package with high-performance EQ and compression capability, or the Master Strip Package for extraordinarily accurate sonic reproductions of some of the finest tape decks of audio's "golden age". There's also a Reverb Package featuring the latest REV-X reverb algorithms used in Yamaha's outstanding SPX2000, and other effect packages that can contribute to your production arsenal in a big way.
  • Transport Controls and eight direct locate keys - The 02R96 has been provided with a comprehensive range of facilities for external machine control. The MMC protocol is supported, and control can be switched between MTR and master target machines. Version 2 provides additional control capability with the ability to remotely control MMC equipment directly from the console's DAW layer, so you can simultaneously control a DAW and MMC recorders without having to switch layers. 8 direct locate keys are also provided for fast, easy location and cueing.
  • Scene Memory - With the 02R96 you can take a snapshot of just about any mix, effect and patch setup and store it in any of 99 scene memories. There are also fade time, and recall safe functions which can be applied globally as well as individually for each channel. Additional scene memories can be managed via memory cards or a computer running the supplied Studio Manager software. Like most other control sections, a DISPLAY key brings all scene parameters up on the LCD display panel. And for even greater versatility Version 2 features a global paste function that lets you simultaneously paste selected parameters from one scene to multiple scenes - your EQ and AUX settings from final rehearsal, for example, can easily be copied to all other scenes that will be used during the performance.
Incredibly flexible surround functions
The 02R96 surround features are fully compatible with 3.1, 5.1 and 6.1 surround processing, panning and monitoring requirements. With the 02R96 you can also change the order of the surround channel to bus out assignment according to project requirements. And since accurate monitoring is so essential to surround production, extra care was taken to ensure that the 02R96 offers the ideal mixing environment it includes a downmix matrix which can deliver 3.1 (LCRS) and stereo mixes while you are burning a surround mix to DVD, bass management, and speaker alignment facilities for optimum speaker system tuning. The 02R96 will even handle multiple surround stem mixes with ease.

Surround Effects Built In
The 02R96's internal digital effect system includes "Reverb 5.1", "Comp 5.1", "Expand 5.1", and a number of other effects specifically designed for surround production. Reverb ER and REV can be panned via the joystick. One program even provides as many as 8 mono reverbs that can be used for 8-in/8-out processing. Bus EQ and dynamics can also be grouped for efficient surround processing.

56 Channels in 3 Layers, Plus Extraordinary Patching Flexibility
One of the advantages of working with digital is that it allows maximum power and flexibility to be packed into minimum space. On the 02R96 24 precision 100-millimeter motorized channel faders can be instantaneously layer-switched to control any of 56 channels. Having all controls right in front of you at all times not only saves space, but it also means that all operations can be carried out without having to move away from the monitoring "sweet spot." What's more, all available inputs, outputs, effects, and channel inserts can be assigned to any of the console's channels or outputs via the 02R96's remarkably versatile, easy-to-use digital patching system. For example, any of the four effect processors can be assigned to an auxiliary buss for send-type operation, or inserted directly into any input channel as required. A direct out function also allows the signal from any of the 56 input channels to be routed directly to any digital or analog output. The eight auxiliary busses can also be patched to anywhere in the system. Centralized control means you'll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system, and patch setups you might want to use again can be stored in the patch library for instant recall at any time.

Yamaha 02R96 Version 2 Console Features:
  • Advanced Automix Function
  • Mix Minus feature for broadcast
  • Fader Solo Release and Pre-Fader with Pan
  • User Assignable Layer
  • VCA-like fader group master
  • Group master mute
  • Instant Aux monitoring
  • Gain reduction metering
  • Simultaneous downmixing capability

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