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Muse Research Receptor PRO for Rental

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1st rental can be applied toward purchase of Muse Research Receptor.
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RENT the Receptor PRO - loaded with everything, plus ADA8000 converter, for up to 10 analog outputs,
$59 per day. ( Nashville, area only)

These software instruments are pre-installed on our Rental Muse Receptor PRO.

AbsynthAkoustik Piano Atmosphere B4II
Battery 2BFD Chris Hein Horns Colossus
Drumkits from HellEast West Symphonic Choirs Elektrik Piano FM7
Garritan Jazz Big BandGarritan Personal Orchestra Ivory ImpOscar
Kontakt 2 Lounge Lizard 3 M-Tron Minimonsta
Oddity Pro53 RA Sample Tank 2
Storm Drum Intakt Storm Drum Kompakt Stylus RMX

1st rental can be applied toward purchase of Muse Research Receptor.

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The ultimate, no comprimise configuration of the Receptor Synth/Sampler Hardware that plays Virtual Instruments and Effects, Deluxe professional configuration includes 2GB of matched-pair, low CAS RAM, ML44 64-bit processor (fastest in class) and a whopping 750 GB 7200RPM hard drive with 16MB cache.

It's deceptively simple to describe what Receptor is: a 2U rack-mountable module that runs standard Windows VST instruments and effects. Receptor can process and play back 16 simultaneous audio sources, which can be either internal VSTi instruments or external analog/digital inputs. It can also run up to 57 VST effects at one time. But that barely hints at what you can do with Receptor!

  • Play, edit and store VST plug-in effects and instruments on a hardware device
  • Incredibly powerful and versatile
  • Intuitive mixer-style interface handles up to 16 audio sources at once
  • Connects to your Windows or Mac computer for downloading and editing presets
  • Comes with free VST plug-ins!
Play, edit and store VST plug-ins
Receptor is incredibly easy to use. Just turn it on, dial up a VST plug-in effect or instrument, and start making music. Optimized for live performance, Receptor will amaze you with a library of pre-installed plug-ins and lightning fast MIDI response.

Incredibly powerful and versatile
Receptor is incredibly versatile. It can run VST software synths, guitar processors, and audio effects, essentially working as three products in one. And you can use it in stand-alone mode and connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor for ease of use. From its super quiet operation in the studio to its rugged rack mount enclosure, Receptor is a tool designed to help you get your act together and then take it on the road.

Mixer-style interface
Receptor's intuitive, mixer-like architecture combines up to 16 different audio sources, which can be either internal VSTi instruments or external analog/digital inputs. Each source is then routed through its own inline effects matrix that allows three VST plug-ins to be configured in every possible parallel/series arrangement. From there, each source is sent to a dedicated mixer channel, where the sound can be further processed by sending it to two dedicated effects busses, each with another fully configurable VST effects matrix. Need more processing? There is yet another VST effects matrix on the master output, for mastering and sweetening effects.

In all, Receptor provides architectural support for as many as 16 simultaneous VSTi instruments and 57 VST effects, while further offering the ability to process external inputs using its front-panel high-Z input, its rear-panel balanced analog inputs, or its S/PDIF digital input.

Download and edit presets with your Windows or Mac computer
And, all this effects power can be harnessed through Receptor's intuitive front-panel interface, with full front panel and MIDI access to millions of internal patch locations. For those who prefer mice to buttons, you can connect a mouse, keyboard and monitor directly to Receptor, or you can network it to your Mac or PC and control it remotely from a window on that machine.

"So should I buy this instead of a second computer?"
You certainly can, and there are some benefits to doing just that. However, if you want to use a second music computer, you'd also have to purchase an additional MIDI interface, another audio card or breakout box, another copy of your VST hosting application, and a second monitor to actually see it all work. Everything is built-in to Receptor. It's designed to work equally well whether it's used stand-alone with only its front panel; stand-alone but connected to its own keyboard, mouse and monitor; or networked with an existing computer for remote control. Receptor actually enhances an existing computer; it doesn't replace it. It is, in fact, an ideal companion for a computer-based DAW, especially if that DAW doesn't run Windows VSTs or is running low on CPU cycles.

Comes with free VST plug-ins!
As an added bonus, Receptor also includes $400 of free software from Dash Signature, LinPlug, Ohm Force and PSP!

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