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Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Music Production Software (Download)

Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Music Production Software  (Download)

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 ( DOWNLOAD LICENSE CODE)

Cubase Pro 11 Advanced Music Production system

Latest Version Always!!!

Product Highlights

  • Unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument Tracks
  • Max Channels: 256 In/Out and 256 Group
  • Effects Plug-Ins: 79 Audio and 18 MIDI
  • 8 Instruments with 3000 Sounds
  • Supports External Instruments & Effects
  • Dynamic EQ and Spectral Comparison EQ
  • Advanced Audio Export and Alignment
  • 5.1 Surround Sound and VR Tools
  • Full Score Layout and Printing
  • Mac/Windows, VST2, VST3

Note: A USB-e-licenser (sold separately) is required for software authorization CLICK HERE

Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Overview

Designed for professional producers, film composers, and mix engineers, Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 is a complete music-production environment that combines sophisticated audio and MIDI tools with pristine audio quality. Offering a fast, flexible, and intuitive workflow, this powerful software can be used for composing, sequencing, beat making, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering—making it ideal for producing and scoring tracks from start to finish, in all genres.

For superior audio quality, Cubase Pro 11 utilizes a 64-bit audio engine compatible with resolutions up to 192 kHz. The software offers unlimited audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks, and can accommodate up to 256 physical inputs and outputs as well as 256 group channels. Notable features include full 5.1 surround and virtual reality functionality, full automatic delay compensation, flexible routing options, and support for external instruments and effects. Users have access to 79 audio FX plug-ins, 18 MIDI FX plug-ins, eight virtual instruments with over 3000 sounds, VariAudio 3 for pitch and time correction, and a host of improvements over the previous versions.

Cubase Pro 11 comes with a comprehensive set of tools for scoring to picture including full score layout and printing, plus the Video Export Render function that allows you to export video files straight from your Cubase project and quickly share them with clients and other composers.

To share production workflow between musicians, VST Transit lets you upload audio and MIDI tracks to cloud storage and continue working from another location. The included VST Connect SE 5 software allows you to connect directly with other musicians via chat, or video and audio streaming, giving you the freedom to collaborate and produce together, even when you're not in the same studio.

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows, and operates in VST2 and VST3 formats. (Note: Only 64-bit plug-ins are supported).

Note: A USB-e-licenser (sold separately) is required for software authorization CLICK HERE

New to Cubase Pro 11

  • Sampler Track 2: Improved Sampling Editor with features including slicing, LFOs, and legato/glide.
  • Frequency 2: Precise dynamic EQ for better mixing.
  • Squasher: New dynamic tool to improve leads, tame bass, and enhance reverb for EDM.
  • Scale Assistant: Analyze, follow, or quantize to a scale or play live in tune.
  • Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more using MIDI CC.
  • Global Tracks: Stay in sync more easily with tempo changes, markers, and more, now in the Key Editor.
  • Advanced Audio Export: Simplify creating stems with new export queues.
  • Imager: Multiband stereo placement for perfect panning.
  • New Score Editor: Workflow improvements and beautiful new fonts from Dorico.
  • New Samples: Six fresh and exclusive sound and loop sets.
  • SuperVision: Super-flexible, fully customizable metering.

Additional Enhancements in Version 11

  • MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Delay in up to 5.1 surround sound.
  • Multiple Sidechain: Improved multiple sidechain input architecture.
  • Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling options for Windows.
  • VST Connect SE 5: Resizable HiDPI-ready interface for remote recording solutions.
  • Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility.
  • Apple Metal Acceleration: Enjoy maximum Mac performance.
  • SpectraLayers One: Remarkable visual editing and audio source separation.
  • Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier.
Cubase Pro 11 with Greg Ondo

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