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Steinberg WaveLab, CD DVD burner problem
Last Updated: 12/05/2006
If a drive is not listed in the burning dialogue of Wavelab, run the latest recorder update.
Under that link you can find a downloadable list of the supported CD/DVD writers and the latest recorder update:

If the the burn process doesn't start, burning speeds are not displayed correctly or you can´t import a title from an Audio CD then try another ASPI driver:
1) Make a backup of your system
2) Get wnaspi32.dll from this place: and copy it into the WaveLab folder.
3) Uninstall ASAPI (Control Panel / Remove programs). Then Reboot.

If a drive is not supported by the current CDR registry, please run [WaveLab]/Tools/cdr/drvreg.exe. Then right click on the desired drive and select "Assign driver". A dialog appears. Best is then to select the most similar drive from the same manufacturer.

If your CD-writer is supported official and you have despite the latest driverupdates still problems:

At first you should examine whether the DMA (Direct Memory Access) Mode is activated on your
CD-writer (and all the other drives). You can find it out with the hardware device manager
(Start -> Settings -> Systemcontrol -> System -> (-> Hardware (only Win 2000/XP)) -> hardware device manager. With Windows 95/98/ME you can find this setting directly at the properties of the drive, with Windows 2000 and XP you will find this settings under the primary und secundary IDE-Controller.

Newer versions of the Chipset (resp. the newest Chipsetdriver) have often no possibility, to activate the DMA Mode , because the IDE-channels already use the DMA Mode. Maybe you have to install or actualize the chipset resp. Busmaster driver, if there are problems with the DMA Mode and the usage of it. Some producers of CD-writers advice not to use the DMA Mode, but this is more likely the exception, because drives without DMA burden the CPU with datatransfer. If it is for some reason not possible to activate the DMA Mode or after a reboot it is again deactivated, you should try to solve that problem with the producer of the affected Hardware.

If your CD-writer isn´t recognized further on we would commend you to look at the producers homepage of your drive, whether there is a new firmware available, and to update your drive if there is one.
The CD-writer should be installed as "Master" and should be connected with the first or second IDE channel, not as a "Slave"-device.

CD Extra: Not all drives work correctly with WaveLab for CD Extra. Plextor drives are recommended.

After an update or an uninstallation of WaveLab on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, it is possible that your CD/DVD drives have dissapeared from your Windows “workstation” .
After an uninstallation the insertion in the registry will not be deleted sometimes. WaveLab needs a filter driver to work correctly on the operating system. If the driver is not availble on the harddisk, but if it is still listed in the registry, Windows will delete the drives from the “workstation”.

[start] -> [execute], type "regedit" and open the registry-editor: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Doubleclick on "Upperfilters"
A new Window will appear in which will be shown different values. If ASAPI is still installed, one of the values will show "ASAPI" .
If after an uninstallation ASAPI and the Upperfilter-value are still listed, please delete the Upperfilter-values manual.

For further informationen in this case, please consult the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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