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Big Mics "BIG" Vocal Microphone

Big Sound BIG Vocal Microphone

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Big Mics "BIG" Vocal Microphone

The "BIG" Philosophy

In this fast moving high tech world of today, Hard Disk recording has become the media of choice. Computers have become so fast that the sampling rate of 192hz and 64 bit word is now common. The new family of digital converters are now so precise and clean that they can capture any signal put to them accurately. Thus we have a really defined sound source. While this is good for some things, it also leaves others cold. We have come to like the things that analog consoles and tape machines, along with the tube microphones, have added to the over all texture of the sound. Now that engineers can mix and edit inside a digital recorder, the only place to add color is the front end before they digitize.

The concept of BIG Sound Microphones is to get as much color out of the front end before the AD conversion. The whole concept behind our company is to make the sound BIG or BIG-ER than life. The use of classic tubes and classic transformers and other components, make the even harmonic overtones go on for days. With this circuit running hot, we have chosen to Cryogenically process all major components to give them longer life. Freezing de-stresses all metal components that have stress bends in them, i.e. the tubes and transformers.

These microphones were designed for the discriminating vocalist who would like to sound larger than life.
It's like the difference between HD video and 70mm film. One has super definition while the other has glorious bleeds of color and rounded edges, richer overall. Not perfect but preferred. The tube represents the perfection of imperfection. It all depends on whether you prefer specs and graphs on paper, or listen to the pleasing tones. We at BIG Sound choose the sound.

While the BIG will act like a typical condenser, Omni, Cardioid, and figure 8, we suggest that you think of it as a wide range cordiroid pattern mic, with the ability to open the back capsule for ambience (i.e. air). This is all based on how the front capsule is loaded (the type of singer). Each vocalist will have to determine the best setting for them. Because we think of these microphones as vocal mics, we have used classic tube technology that would make the vocalist sound BIG like classic new old stock tubes. We incorporated a remake of classic transformers by the best specialist in the business with tried and true old circuit design. These designs have been rethought to bypass the limitation of it's day. (The dynamic range to the recording media.)

Includes: Big Mic, shock mount, 120/240v switchable power supply, and aluminum flight case.

NOTES on BIG MICS--from Pro Audio Solutions:

1. Theses mics are running very high voltage.
DO NOT HOT SWAP these mics..
Plug in the power supply to mic cable, cable to your input device, connect the complete signal path, with everything powered off,.
THEN SWITCH ON THE POWER. Reverse this process when you power off.

2. DO NOT apply phantom power to these mics.This may damage the main transformer.Make sure that +48 v phantom power is switched OFF on your mic preamp or interface.

3. Please do not open up the head of the mics, change tubes, or modify components etc.this will void your warranty.

4. CABLE: We recommend using ZAOLLA silverline cable with these mics. NOT Monster, NOT Mogami, please use ZAOLLA silverline. This is cable will yield much better audio results with these mics.

5. Manufacturer warranty is 1 year. Pro Audio Solutions is doubling this warranty to 2 years parts and labor under normal usage.

Who uses the "Big Mics"???

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