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DPA Microphones (Danish Pro Audio) from Pro Audio Solutions

Sound innovation for the entertainment industry
Anywhere you look in the entertainment industry, you will find DPA mics at work. In fact, modern-day news broadcasting is only possible due to the convenience of miniature and headset mics. Even contemporary orchestras use DPA mini mics to deliver amazing sound to the audience.

As one of the first miniature microphone developers, DPA Microphones has empowered originality and innovation throughout the entertainment industry. The DPA mini mics have paved the way for creative expression in the musical and theater industry. Soon after, these same mics conquered the film and TV industry with their honest sound and amazing flexibility.
Each microphone is assembled by hand at the state-of-the-art factory in Denmark. It takes at least 200 individual, hands-on steps to assemble a DPA microphone. During the process, each one is calibrated up to 15 times before final approval. Narrow tolerances ensure that you can switch between any parallel DPA mics and never hear a difference in sound. You can be certain that the mics from DPA Microphones will be the best ones you will ever use.

See Video below "DPA Installed sound microphones"

DPA Microphones | Pro Audio Solutions
Sound innovation for the entertainment and recording industry