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Professional Microphones

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For quality home or studio recording, a professional microphone is vital. No amount of special mixing and editing can fix the flaws of a poor recording session from a low-quality mic. All of our professional microphones online at Pro Audio Solutions are trusted solutions for great sound recording and will deliver clear, clean sounds.

For complex audio recording goals, multiple microphones may be needed. Furthermore, different mics should be used in sound recording and live sound. We’ll review a few of the most commonly used professional microphones and the applications for their use. If our descriptions don’t clarify or answer your questions, please give us a call toll-free at 800-834-5986. At Pro Audio Solutions, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all audio recording equipment (link to home) and sound system needs, including consulting and advising on your purchases.

Condenser Microphones

Originating from Alexander Graham Bell’s poorly functioning invention, the liquid microphone, condenser microphones have the most history of any professional mic. Condenser microphones were invented back in 1916 by Bell Labs and sometimes are still referred to as capacitor or electrostatic microphones. Typically, condenser microphones are used in home and professional studio recording applications and not in live sound. Sound wave changes cause the metal plates within the microphone to move, which changes the capacitance (the ratio of the charge on the plates to the potential difference in the battery). Then, the registered changes are amplified, creating sound. When selecting a condenser microphone, browse our selection of trusted industry brands for condenser mics (link to sub-category); we stock AKG microphones, Brauner, Gefell, Schoeps and Avantone Pro Studio condenser microphones among many more.

Dynamic Mics

Along with condenser microphones, dynamic mics are a commonly used professional microphone choice. Dynamic mics use electromagnetic induction, which works like a loudspeaker in reverse. These microphones are great for on-stage and live sound because of their broad sound production and high gain (amplification potential) before causing audio feedback (like those high-pitched, hair-raising squealing noises you may have heard before).

Shotgun Mics

For TV and film sets as well as sports and stadium recording, shotgun mics are one of the best professional microphones to use because they pick up sounds directionally – grabbing sounds in front of, but not to the side of the mic. This way on sets, the natural noise like chatter and sounds behind the scenes aren’t captured fully. Recognizable by their long, thin appearance, it’s likely you’ve seen a shotgun mic attached to the top of a camera, facing out to an interviewer or film scene.

Wireless Microphones Utilizing Handheld, Lavalier, Head-Worn, Body Mics & More!

A wireless, or cordless microphone allows for recording flexibility as the sound is transmitted via radio or optical signals rather than through the cable cords. Another microphone that helps sound recording be more flexible is the lavaliermic (also known as a lapel mic), which can be configured as wired or wireless.Lavaliers clip on to clothing and the cords can be easily hidden within clothing. Lavaliers are commonly used in TV interviews, on broadcasters and other reporters that prefer having a nearly unseen microphone while also enjoying the freedom of having their hands-free.