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Roll Music RMS216 FOLCROM Analog Passive Summing Buss - 16ch In - 2ch Out

Roll Music RMS216 FOLCROM Analog Passive Summing Buss - 16ch In - 2ch Out

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Products Overview
  • Sum up to 16 DAW outputs into a stereo 150 ohm output through a pristine passive signal path.
  • Bring back the punch and dimensionality lost in the internal mixbus bottleneck. Replace the algorithm with a passive summing structure found in the most prized classic consoles.
  • Makeup gain is provided by your external microphone preamplifiers. Imagine a mixer where you could patch in different amplifiers for a variety of different flavors. API. GreatRiver, Telefunken, Neve. New, vintage, solid state or tube. The options are near endless. Have the same amount of tonal flexibility on your mix that you had when you were tracking. This is a truly revolutionary concept.
  • Rugged construction built for professional studio use and touring Passive design ensures reliable operation and non-obsolesence.
  • Multiple units are strappable for 32 input use.
  • Inputs can be assigned left, right, mono or off.
  • The Folcrom accepts a much higher input level than the internal mixbus, allowing you to run your tracks out of your DAW at a far higher bit resolution.
  • Use your outboard compressors, eqs and effects between your DAW and the Folcrom.
  • The Folcrom does not discriminate between programs or platforms.
The Folcrom is a high quality passive mixer intended for multichannel analog summing of digital mixes. It uses no active circuitry and provides no gain or level controls. The idea is to control the level, panning, EQ, and effects sends of your mix from within the DAW, and send as many as 16 different tracks or submixes to a high quality multichannel outboard DAC which in turn feeds the Folcrom. You then perform only the summing in the analog domain. This enables you to maintain absolute repeatability from within your DAW.

Each of the Folcrom's input channels features a balanced connection on standard 8-channel DB25 connectors and a pair of pushbutton switches to assign that channel to the Left or Right output, neither, or both. The output of the Folcrom is a stereo pair of balanced, 150-ohm signals on XLR connectors and requires approximately 30-40dB of make-up gain (program dependent). This signal is ideally suited for feeding into an outboard microphone preamp of your choosing. The Folcrom is therefore able to assume a wide variety of tonal character dependent on your choice of amplifier. The Folcrom itself has an extremely simple, pure, and transparent signal path. The absence of faders, EQ, aux sends, pan knobs, or any other superfluous features allows for an entirely passive circuit. There are no amplifiers, ICs, transistors, capacitors, or transformers in the signal path whatsoever. The simplicity of the fully balanced, symmetrical signal path allows the use of no-compromise passive components for ultimate fidelity. The unit passes signals "from DC to daylight" without coloration. The "sound" of your mixer is up to you and your preamps. Chances are your mic preamps just sit there unused at mixdown time anyway, so why not put them to work?


  • Input channels: sixteen
  • Input impedance: 10k ohms balanced
  • Recommended source impedance: <100 ohms
  • Maximum input level: +42dB rms

  • Output channels: two
  • Output impedance: 150 ohms balanced
  • Recommended load impedance: 1300 ohms
  • Output level: -35dB nominal

  • Frequency response: 0-500kHz
  • Crosstalk @1kHz: -90dB

  • Power requirements: none

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