Dae Eun Lee
Web Master

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Phone: 800-834-5986


* Korea University Master of Science, Physics
* Middle Tennessee State University Bachelor of Science, Recording Industry Management
* Seoul Computer programming School


* Reading music, arranging, writing music and using MIDI at will
* Playing Guitar and couple of musical instruments
* good at physics and mathematics, especially, understanding of physical phenomena in sound and light
* handling computer: PC(Windows XP) and Macintosh(OS9, OS X) and programs: MS Office(Word, Powerpoint, Excel..I
like Excel!), Photoshop, and any other things
* Recording and MIDI program: ProTools, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cakewalk and so on
* Managing web sites: HTML, email, mp3, php programming, SQL database so on


Samsung SDI (Samsung Digital & Display Interface)(1998-1999)
Worked for research and development of digital and analog display interface devices such as CRT, LCD, PDP. Especially, I worked as a research engineer in a department, where the engineers developed CRT for Digital Hi-Definition digital projection TV that is selling around us recently. In addtion. Our team researched a future display like a 3D display and Flexible display.

Myung-sung Presbyterian Church (1990-2000)
For 10 years, I have been a music director of praise worship team of the youth group, teaching worship songs and the instruments, arranging the music and conducting them. I have been an engineer for the church, setting audio systems for the church services, recording choir's songs, making CDs of the choir.

Calvary Church of Nazarene (2001-Present)
As a volunteer, I am currently a music director and conductor of the church's choir. I have been arranging, teaching and conducting choir in the church. In addition, I have been playing the guitar in the praise worship team.

Shin-Shack Studio (2003)
As an assistant sound engineer, I worked with famous sound engineers and christian musicians like David Davison, Michael Mellot, Jeff Nelson, Michael Hodge so on, setting recording gears, microphones, studio monitors, processors, and computer. Using Protools, Digital Performer, and other software plug-ins, I participated in making albums of couple of singers and group.

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