Professional Audio Solutions
Knowledge, Service, Experience, Integrity

Our business focuses on creating professional audio solutions, not just moving boxes of recording equipment.

At Professional Audio Solutions you will find:
Complete turnkey computer audio systems in both Windows PC and Apple Mac, Studio monitors, Headphones, Microphones, Audio Software, Audio Hardware, Mic Pre amps, Compressors, EQ's, Studio Racks, Furniture, Keyboards, Cables, Cases, Stands and every accessory you could need.

Here at Professional Audio Solutions we offer expert consulting and advice on the correct gear for achieving your goals for your recording studio.

Why do business with us?

  1. What we do
    We are an independently-owned business specializing in the design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrading of professional audio systems for recording studios, houses of worship, live sound venues of all types, and high-end residential sound systems. In addition, we repair and configure audio equipment purchased elsewhere, and resolve compatibility and installation problems that our clients may be experiencing.

  2. Who we are
    We are a team of professionals with experience and education in performing, recording, computer programming, and in the design and installation of professional audio systems in a wide variety of settings.
    please visit Our Staff page and see bios on our website for detailed credentials.

  3. System Design
    Our goal is to help you make the right decisions about equipment and system design before you buy. After discussing exactly what you want from your audio system, we design a customized system to fit your specifications. We then order the proper equipment and if desired, install and troubleshoot it at your location. If needed, our in-house custom computer shop can build, configure, and test both Windows PC and Apple Mac turnkey audio systems. Last, but not least, we teach you how to use your system to achieve the results you desire.

  4. Service and Tech Support
    Our custom computer shop is in our store where we build, configure, and test both Windows PC audio systems and Apple Mac audio systems. Your turnkey system will work properly before it leaves our facility. We offer complete tech support and service on all of our systems, at our store, at your location, or remotely via your IP address and by phone, anywhere in the world.

  5. Our Location and why it matters
    We are located on Music Row in Nashville, TN. Our demanding local and national clients give us immediate insights into what is going on in the Professional Recording world now. This feedback and product knowledge keeps us up-to-date about current and future trends in the Recording Industry.

  6. Our Clients
    Our clients include some of North America's leading audio, recording and music professionals, Grammy Winners, Golden Globe Nominated composers, Hit Songwriters, Hit Composers, Hit Producers, and Recording Artists in all genres of music. see our "News and Events" page and "Who uses our systems"

  7. We want to be your Pro Audio Dealer
    Our commitments to, and relationships with, our customers and manufacturers are all longterm. We live and work in the recording community in Nashville and Los Angeles and we truly value these relationships. Our long-term customers have learned that they get a "better deal" when they buy all of their gear at Professional Audio Solutions.

** The products and services we offer

  1. Custom Computer DAW systems.
    Yes, we are an authorized dealer and installer for Digidesign, Apogee, Logic, MOTU- Digital Performer, Steinberg Nuendo, Waves, McDSP, Spectrasonics,  software, plug-ins, support, and more importantly, training to help you realize  the most from your system.

  2. Recording and Mastering studios
    Nobody in Nashville carries as many lines of pro recording gear as us! From microphones, to room treatment products, to custom DAWs, we've got it all. A literal one-stop shop for pros and hobbyists alike.

  3. Houses of Worship
    We offer complete live sound, recording, and video systems for churches of all sizes.

  4. For song writers
    For those tracking their own song demos, we offer tons of products that make it affordable and efficient to track your own demos.

  5. Home Theatre-Residentail
    This is where high-end audio and theatre-quality video happily integrate into your home.

  6. Installation and support
    Not only can we handle the design and installation of all the products we carry, but we're there for you after the sale ensuring you get the most from your investment.

  7. Everything else
    We are an authorized dealer for over 70 different pro audio manufacturers. More than likely we carry what you need. If not, let us know and we can probably get it right away. More importantly, we will put the right tools into your system for your application.