Customer Comments

At Professional Audio Solutions, we are focused on complete Pro Audio Solutions, not just moving boxes of equipment. We strive to recommend and configure the appropriate equipment for each customer's individual needs.

Here are a few un-solicited comments we have received from some of our customers:


Date : 7/10/11

Sender : Jeremy Hack,
Morgantown, KY, USA

     I'd like to thank you again for assisting me in obtaining my video microphone. I had a great experience as a customer, and I will return for any other microphone needs. I will also recommend you to my friends and my colleagues. I received the hot shoe adaptor yesterday and it fits perfectly. Thanks again,
Jeremy Hack

Date : 2010-4-21

Sender : David Amerman

I just wanted you to know that I received my order today. I really appreciate the manner in which you handled my order. It was done with good, old fashioned customer service. I will recommend you to my friends. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. You are true to your word. Thanks again.
Dave Amerman
The MacDaddys

Date : 2009-9-10

Sender : Paul Gallant

To Warren and Staff, Thank you very very much...2 or 3 days after speaking with Warren the Tweeter for the Tannoy arrived at our door. Very much appreciated. Great Service!
Paul Gallant

Date : 2009-2-5

Sender : Don Fairbanks

My audio computer system rocks, I couldn't have put it together any cheaper, more efficiently, and you registered my software plug ins to boot.
Thanks, thanks, thanks,

Don Fairbanks
Graphic Designer

Date : 2008-12-12
Sender : Ethan

You guys have outstanding customer service!!! We had some problems with payment and Warren handled it himself....He is running a wonderful group of people over there and I cant thank you guys enough for your professionalism. I will def be in touch and thank you for your support.
One satisfied customer,

Date : 2008-12-15

Sender : Janis DeCelle.

The Equitech Son of Q arrived safely ,I have to say,this  unit is worth everything paid for it, a major improvement to an already high resolution audio system!

Best Regards,
Napa CA, USA

Date : 2008-12-12
Sender : Ethan

You guys have outstanding customer service!!! We had some problems with payment and Warren handled it himself....He is running a wonderful group of people over there and I cant thank you guys enough for your professionalism. I will def be in touch and thank you for your support.
One satisfied customer,

Date : 2007-03-06
Sender : Rich Malloy

Warren, Thanks for taking the time today. The Audient ASP-008 mic pre amp, right out of the box has drastically improved my sound....(i am sure if I turn enough knobs I can get my good ol' mediocre sound back!) haha....anyway, good to meet another NT fellow as well. I am sure I will be doing more business with you in the near future.

Date : 2006-05-09
Sender : Emil Caron

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for going the extra mile in setting up a system and price that was right on target for my needs. I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to set up a relatively small system, considering you guys probably have "bigger fish to fry." I can assure you that ever dime I make from this setup will come directly back to you and your store as my needs are sure to expand. You have earned a customer for life, or at least the life of my audio needs. Thanks again. I am looking forward to my next purchase from Pro Audio Solutions.

Date : 2006-04-21
Sender : Marc Wolf

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Mytek Stereo ADC yesterday; Thanks again for your help. I'm definitely going to buy everything from you now, as well as recommend you to my associates.

Date : 2006-03-03
Sender : Damian DeRosaire

I received my headphones today, awesome thank you. Just wanted to let you know I dealt with a guy called Chris on the phone and he was awesome, very cool guy made the experience a good.

Date : 2006-03-02
Sender : Dann Sherrill

Yo, Yo, Yo! Just wanted to drop you a quick line Warren to say THANKS for all your help in getting my rig up and running. Hyun is amazing, man! That dude is a real asset to your company. Everything seems to be working great now (after almost 2 years). I really appreciate you guys and I wish you many long, low stress, successful years in the business. Thanks again Warren. You are a true buddy!

Date : 2005-07-15
Sender : Ross Elliott

Just wanted to drop you a note of praise. I have been the Musician's Friend and Sweetwater routes in the past. No more. You are definitely my dealer of choice. The only reason I would go anywhere else is if you could not provide the piece of gear I was looking for. I'm finding that to be very rare.....:).

I have been buying equipment from you now for about a year. In that time, two of my orders have been large equipment orders to update project studios. I find your sales folks knowledgeable, friendly and dependable. You guys know me by name. You carry real pro audio gear.....not just the hyped neophyte commodity items. You work with me on pricing. You followup to make sure I'm happy. Your regular prices are inline with the best street prices. You ship free on larger orders. What more can I ask? Try getting all that from Musician's Friend....yeah right!

Buying quite a bit of gear in the last year, it is only natural that an item or two be defective. Indeed I did buy a new AD/DA converter from you that broke down after a couple of weeks, right before a session. You overnighted me a replacement and the session went on as planned. Wow....that is real customer service. You made my emergency your emergency and came through in spades.

You have earned my loyalty as a customer. I feel lucky that I found you.......please don't change your busines plan....I'm a believer.

Hats off to Chris Franz.....he generally handles my account at Pro Audio Solutions. Chris is aces. Always has a little time to talk things over with me and help me make a good buying decision. He has consistently gone above and beyond on my behalf. If ever in Nashville, I will feel compelled to take Chris out for a beer or two. I don't even know anybody's name ar Musician's Friend....don't really want to either.


Ross Elliott
Ichthys Sound Studio

Date : 2005-05-16
Sender : Matt King

Warren, I just wanted to personally tell you that I've never in my ten years in Nashville had such a pleasent experience! Chris and B, have literally helped me take my small project studio from average to professional quality.

I began purchasing gear from you about two years ago at the old location, with no idea what I was getting into.
Just having the opportunity to try out gear has made all the difference for me!

Matt King

Date : 2005-02-25

I wanted to let you know how helpful Chris was today. I called not having a clue of what to get that would best meet my MIDI needs, and Chris listened to my description of my system and what I was trying to accomplish, and made a great recommendation.
Not only that, he encouraged me to call him back once I was ready to make the purchase so that he could ensure that it would go out today. Please commend this exemplary employee. I will be sure to come back to Pro Audio Solutions for future purchases because of the way I was treated today.
Thanks again to Chris.

Date : 2005-02-22
Sender : Ryan Powell

I wanted to give you guys some praise for once again proving to me that you're one of the best resellers around.
I recently ordered a Nord Rack 2x from you, but I went to Musician's Friend first, they had little interest in talking to be about ordering it, even before I asked about lead time (lead time was an issue with me), after being annoyed by them not even expressing interest in selling the item to me (with either their outlandish financing or with cash), I went to Sweetwater, they were interested in selling it to me, but would do nothing to try to improve their lead time (they told me it would take a week and a half to up to three weeks), after getting off the phone with them, I promptly called you guys, who I normally order from anyway, and you got it to me in a matter of DAYS, not WEEKS, this was outstanding. But wait, there's more! I had to order some cables today and unfortunately, you guys didn't carry the cables I needed (they were fairly specialized), and I ended up ordering them from Sweetwater, they called me to inform me that two of the cables I ordered were not in stoc!
K and I could wait or get different (higher priced) cables, and the sales person was quite insistant on upselling me, even stooping to the level of calling the cables I ordered "the worst." Having been in the live sound and recording industry for a few years, and knowing full well what the cables I ordered are like, I could tell that anything short of a cable that costs ten times as much would be what the sales person considers "the worst", I proptly told him to simply remove them from my order and I will purchase those cables elsewhere, this obviously annoyed him as he just reduced the sale amount quite a bit, and he was also aware that he lost several other sales to you guys as a result of their inflexibility and pressure tactics. I really do appreciate the work you guys do and your willingness to work with a customer, no matter the size of the order (I have gotten email replies to comments made on much smaller orders), and I will recommend you to all my buisness associat
es as you guys have proven, time and again, that customers are not simply figures on a spreadsheet.
Thanks so much for being the best.

Sender : Sarah Scully
Date : 2004-12-09

WOW! Color me impressed.
You guys have some great deals, and you sell TL Audio products, which are very hard to come by in the U.S.! Thanks for your awesome online store. I will definitely be visiting again in the future!

From: Jenn Liang-Chaboud Date: 2004-06-24

I spoke with Chris yesterday to place a hurried order and then again today to cancel (plans changed). Anyway, I'd like to say that Chris was just great to deal with and I've booked marked this site for future purchases. I'm _very_ big on customer support and I was tremendously impressed. Halfway through ordering to have some microphones shipped overnight I got an email indicating plans may have changed for the gig. I asked Chris to not ship right away until I called. I didn't get a chance to call until late this morning and he has left the order open and was just super pleasant to deal with.

I usually purchase gear from FullCompass, though that has more to do with location than anything else. Next time I need something, I'm calling you guys.

Jenn Liang-Chaboud

From : Aviel Goodman
Date : 2004-06-09

Others may have more hype, but you are the best music store on the 'net.

From: john seal
Date: Monday, April 12, 2004

Thanks for getting my order out so fast. the little mic/pre combo is really nice on voice, for the money i couldn't be happier.

thanks again,
john seal

From:John Catchings
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003

Wanted you to know that the External CD Burner you got me (a Teac product)is flawless and is a huge blessing to my work life. Also, the FiWi (ADSTech) is performing its duties without complaint. Thanks for the product selections and great coaching!!


From: Aaron Young
Date: Thursday, February 06, 2003

I just wanted to thank everyone involved for the extra effort in finding me a replacement Furman product. The model I received is definitely a step up from the one I ordered!

Thanks again,

From: Karen Beth
Date: Friday, February 14, 2003

I like to give recognition for a job well done, and I have to tell you that Jansen has been a terrific help to me in helping me choose monitors.  He's knowledgeable, patient and I felt that he was really working to help me get what I needed.

Best regards,
Karen Beth

From: Stephen Mineer
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Just wanted to thank you for the service I've been getting from you. The Mackie monitors sound great and have really improved my mixes. I also appreciate the time you've spent with me on the phone and giving me your advice. Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thanks.

Steve Mineer

From: Lloyd Daniel
Date: Fri,28 Mar 2003

Thanks a lot! It's also been a pleasure working with you. You have been so very helpful and reliable. You're certainly the finest music company representative I've worked with. I wish I had discovered you when I first started building my studio. You're a real pro! Thanks again for all your help.

Best regards

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003

My name is YUSUKE YOJI
K271STUDIO arrived today.

Thank you so much.
I want to say "thank you" a million times to you.

Sincerely yours,
Yoji Yusuke

From: Christopher Ward
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003

I came into your store one day wanting to start my own studio not knowing where to even start. You were extremely polite and helpful to me and I thank you for that. Sometimes when you don't know where to start and you need help from someone if their somewhat demeaning to you it can frustrate you from even trying to achieve your dream.

You made me want to strive further because of your help and forwardness. Thank you very much brother.

God Bless, Peace
Chris Ward