Brian Foraker & Pro Audio Solutions

Mastering/Mixing Engineer, Brian Foraker, (YES, Bad Company, ELP, Heart, Zachary Richard,Nancy Wilson, .38 special, John Paul Jones.

After hearing the difference, Brian Foraker uses all Zaolla silver-line cable exclusively, in his Mastering Studio.

Recently at Pro Audio Solutions, Nashville, picking up the Lucid DA 96/24, Lucid, A/D 96/24 converters, and Lucid Genex 6/96 word clock generator.

Brian's rig includes:

  • SADIE system
  • MOTU Digital Performer
  • Lucid converters
  • Lucid WC generators,
  • Aphex 204, Alesis Masterlink.
  • Magix Samplitude

"Brian engineered one of my all time favorites CD's "Snake Bite Love" by Zachary Richard" - Warren B. White"

Pictured from left are: Hyun woo Jo, Brian Foraker, and Warren B. White.

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