Receptor Overview

One instrument... Two rack spaces... Millions of sounds... Infinite possibilities.

That's the Muse Research Receptor��a unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments. With the push of a button, Receptor can transform itself from a sampler into a guitar processor; from a drum module into a synthesizer; or from a delicate mastering tool into a screaming drawbar organ.

Receptor Configurations

Receptor for Everyone

The standard Receptor includes 2 Gigabytes of RAM and a 160 Gigabyte Hard Drive; it also includes over $400 of free plug-ins that can be unlocked when you register the Receptor.

For maximum performance, Muse Research uses only premium brand-name memory modules. RAM specs: PC3200/DDR 400 Mhz � non-registered, non-buffered, non-ECC.

Receptor PRO

Receptor has proven itself in countless number of gigs the world over to be the ideal way to use virtual instruments and effects in a live performance situation. But what about demanding studio applications like music for film or TV, or for use in a production studio environment where access to hundred of gigabytes of samples makes the difference between a happy client and a session bogged down by having to search for that perfect sound?

Muse Research is proud to offer the Receptor PRO, the biggest, baddest Receptor ever with a whopping 750GB hard drive, a massive 2GB of optimized RAM, and the fastest 64-bit Turion processor available! Designed for composers, producers, and keyboardists who require instant access to the most popular massive sample libraries available, Receptor PRO packs a huge amount of music making muscle in to a portable package with a sexy new graphite grey front panel.

Receptor PRO has eight times more memory than a regular Receptor � almost five times more hard disk space - and a processor that is 33% faster than the base model, all while retaining the same stunningly low latency, super-quiet package design, and robust and portable package.

Each Receptor PRO is painstakingly hand crafted at our manufacturing facilities in California and can be customized to your own specifications, including installation of virtual instrument or effect software you already own or intend to purchase.

When you need the fastest, biggest, and the best, your search is over: you've found Receptor PRO. Simply put, its even more of a good thing! Receptor PRO is available from Muse Research retailers world-wide on a built-to-order basis.

Receptor PRO Jr.

Receptor PRO Jr. features the same stunning specification as Receptor PRO, albeit with a slightly smaller Hard Drive - 400 Gb instead of 750 Gb.

Komplete Inside


Receptor + Komplete 5 = Unlimited Creative Freedom

Receptor with Komplete Inside

Concert Grands� Soulful Organs� Screaming Synths� Rockin' Electric Pianos� Luscious Strings� Dreamy Pads� Everything you want in a synth, sampler, and sound module is available all in one package, instantly, with Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside.

If you ever dreamed of the perfect sampler, sound module, synthesizer, and effects processor, you'll be happy to know that your dream has come true! Komplete 5 gives you 12 different award-winning instruments and effects, letting you cover any style of music � over $4000 of software total if purchased separately... And when installed in Receptor, you're able to turn those 12 plug-ins into 28 total, since you can run any of the instruments through the effects sections of some of the other plug-ins! Komplete 5 is super-powerful, but Receptor makes using Komplete 5 super-simple � since all of the instruments and effects are pre-installed, pre-authorized and ready to play.

Receptor gives you instant access to any of the thousands of sounds available right from the front panel thanks to our exclusive unified preset architecture � say goodbye to cumbersome fumbling through computer interfaces trying to find the right sound at a session. However, if the inspiration strikes and you want to create your own completely distinctive sound, Receptor's graphical user interfaces support of all of these great plug-ins lets you dig deep and go unique.