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Bag End IPD12E-I Infra Powered Black Painted Double 12" Active Sub woofer enclosure

Bag End IPD12E-I Infra Powered Black Painted Double 12" Active Subwoofer

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Bag End IPD12E-I Infra Powered Black Painted Double 12" Active Subwoofer enclosure

  • Double 12 in Infra Subwoofer System
  • Includes Both Internal Infra Processor and Internal Amplifier
  • Configured For Installation Applications
  • Black Textured Finish, 28 in x 18 in x 15 in 75 Lbs

The IPD12E-I is a self-powered and internally InfraTM processed double 12 in bass system designed for permanent installation.

The internal Minima OneTM amplifier and InfraTM processing provides for convenient implementation and wiring. The internal InfraTM integrated, amplifier and loudspeaker process the full range signal into a at response low frequency acoustic output.

  • The Dynamic Filter tm protection threshold is internally preset to eliminate distortion or accidental overload.
  • This insures the maximum output and robust system protection with virtually no audible effect
  • The audio input incorporates an InGenius balanced line receiver, providing very high common mode rejection, to
  • eliminate noise often present in systems with less optimized grounding and wiring schemes.
  • Low voltage contacts are provided to remotely turn the amplifier on and off.


Almost all designs and speci cations for subwoofer systems are xated on the frequency response domain. However, the impression of power and quality of a loudspeaker is equally related to the time domain. The long wavelengths associated with low frequencies, make this particularly true with subwoofers. Likewise, the maximum SPL is not a very reliable way to judge the impact of a subwoofer. A poor time domain performer will not have the same impact or natural musically connected sound as a Time-AlignedTM InfraTM system. The reason that an InfraTM subwoofer sounds dramatically better is because of its superior time domain performance, as well as its extended low frequency response. The InfraTM subwoofer maintains the bass energy in a tight packet, aligned with the upper range signal, providing a greater body impact and a


seamless musical connection with the main loudspeakers. Conventional subwoofer designs perform so poorly in the time domain because designers have used methods that sacri ce the phase response for more control over the frequency response (e.g.: steep low pass lter slopes, vented speaker enclosures, and narrow bandwidth systems). With the InfraTM technique, we do not degrade the phase response while extending the frequency response. While the InfraTM dual Integrator does function as the system crossover, it does so without using a conventional low pass lter. The InfraTM integrator applies an inverse electrical response to the acoustical response of the InfraTM loudspeaker in its sealed enclosure. This provides both the upper frequency roll off and the extended frequency response while maintaining the hi sound quality often associated with a sealed box design. When comparing a genuine Bag End ® InfraTM loudspeaker system to any other, our technology and design is easy to hear and appreciate. The dramatic clarity, realism, and overall pleasant sound of an InfraTM system is well noted throughout the world.


The InfraTM self processed system incorporates our analog InfraTM dual integrator, as used in our rack mount processors, into the Minima OneTM input circuit. InfraTM Self Powered Systems accept a full range line level

audio signal and utilize internal InfraTM processing, to provide the extended low frequency acoustical response, as well as a uniform roll off of the upper range of the subwoofer. The upper response of the InfraTM subwoofer is not adjustable, so blending the upper range speaker system into an InfraTM subwoofer is typically accomplished by high passing the upper range speaker, to properly blend with the subwoofer. The Dynamic FilterTM protection is included and preset to the ampli ers sensitivity requiring no external setup. The Minima OneTM ampli er is both a high delity and a high ef ciency ampli er. With ef ciency well over 80%, it provides more power to the loudspeakers and creates less heat in the amplifer. In real world applications there is practically no heat emitted from the ampli er and thus it requires no cooling fan. Incorporating patented technology the comparison circuit of the Minima OneTM corrects every single cycle to drive error to zero at the end of each cycle. On average, every 4 microseconds, the one cycle modulator transforms and ampli es the input signal into the ideal natural pulse width modulation. Switching at 250 kHz with the single cycle error correction, insures extremely low distortion and high reliability. The power factor corrected AC power input automatically and continuously adapts to any voltage between 88 and 270 volts. The Minima OneTM is convenient and stable to operate on any power grid in the world.

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