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Metacorder field recording software for Mac OS X

Metacorder field recording software for Mac OS X

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Product Price: $1,795.00
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Metacorder is a full-function incredible powerful field audio recorder which combines Mac OSX and any CoreAudio interface to offer cutting edge functionality at an extremely cost effective system price.

If you have ever considered using a laptop for field recording, but were put off by the lack of proper, dedicated software, prepare to be amazed at what Metacorder can do for you.

Offering the very latest advances in recording technology such as pre-record ram buffers on all inputs, sample rates up to 192kHz, and up to 64 inputs, Metacorder has equivalent functionality to proprietary hardware systems costing 5 times as much.

Metacorder is an open architecture Mac OSX Based Field Recorder, with a host of features.

• Works with Any Core Audio Interface (44.1 kHz - 192kHz, 16 - 24 bit, 2 - 64 Channels)
• Make your own choice of Mic Pre, A-D Convertors etc, with easy metadata entry and choice of recording media
• Any Mac compatible Media, internal IDE, Firewire, USB/USB2, PCMCIA etc, Flash, including DVD-Ram
• Full Network support via Ethernet / 802.11
• Any OSX macintosh including Powerbook, iBook, iMac and Powermacs
• Supports up to 64 record channels
• Very clear and concise user interface with instant access to all parameters. No modal windows means that you can press record at any time, no matter what you are doing.
• Powerful and intuitive Metadata functionality, including Project, SoundRoll, scene, take, track labels and indexes, recording notes. User friendly system automatically updates scene and take using US, UK or generic slating systems. Metadata can be edited before, during or after recording. Metadata stored in several formats including bext and the revolutionary new iXML format for seamless post production..
• Automatically manages filenaming and file system hierarchy on all volumes
• Dual System record (record identical data to 2 volumes at the same time in real time)
• Background SoundRoll Mirror (non real time) automatically mirrors current soundroll to slower media as recordings are made (eg ideal for Compact Flash, networked, or DVD-Ram for high track counts, where real time record is not possible)
• 1-30 Second pre-record buffer across all channels at all samplerates/bit depths. Hit record anytime and automatically capture up to the previous 30 seconds into your files. Never miss 'Action' again.
• Built in sample accurate LTC/Userbits reader, using audio input device.
• Supports all timecode rates including 23.98 and 30 FPS
• Built in confidence monitor mixer, with M-S decode, per track Mute/Solo/Pan etc

Supports Monophonic, Polyphonic and Dual Polyphonic file recording Modes.Complete flexibility in track arming.
• Writes mono/poly/dual poly Broadcast WAVE, or SD2 files.
• Supports simultaneous playback of recorded files, during recording of new files (for file checking or on-set playback). One-touch Instant Review Button to listen back to the last take.
• Supports offspeed playback in a range 0 to 225% in 0.1% increments
• Features 128 Segment Level Meters on all inputs.Color coded meters to re-enforce track arm status
• False start function automatically marks files and sets up for retake.
• Audio Overload alert tone preference.
• Slate button feeds one input to all tracks whilst button is held, and dims output.
• Supports variety of USB connected peripherals including programmable keypads
• Can be controlled via MMC, HUI, Tranzport and Yamaha 01x control surface buttons
• Robust Unix based reliable architecture. Full compatibility with Avid, Final Cut, Pro Tools and all other DAWs.
• Internal Hard drive can operate as Firewire target device for mounting on DeskTop system (powerbook / iBook based systems only)
• Auto records audio with broken timecode into segments (sample accurate across all tracks) for loading location sound from linear tape. Intellimerge feature allows automatic pre-concatenation of voice slate into main soundfile
• Interactively writes mTOOLS and Digibase compatible descriptions whilst loading SFX DATs
• Writes Final Cut Pro XML lists for workstation import.
• Prepares user customisable Sound Reports as PDF files.
• Background DVD-R / CD-R Burn of finished soundroll, using internal DVDR/CDR or firewire device.

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