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Waves (prior to version 5.9) Intel-Mac Authorization procedure. iLok
Last Updated: 02/27/2009
Waves Bundle Plugins on Intel-Mac

  1. Install Waves Plugins
  2. go to Applications/Waves/Authorizers folder
  3. run Waves iLok Authorizer first.
  4. uncheck "use license card", and next. it will open internet browser.
  5. if it gets error message in the browser instead of response code, go back and check "license card" and next, then go back uncheck "licesne card" again. then next
  6. you should get response code, and copy and paste in authorizer.
  7. run all authorizer and go to and support -> intel-mac.
  8. request intel-mac enabler and wait a minute.
  9. now, run 5.9.1 enbler authorizer.
Waves 5.9 Enabler issue
In order to complete the authorization procedure please read  bellow.

If you are not using an Intel-based Mac please write back  with the exact problem you are having please add as much as you can to  your system info

If you are using an Intel-based Mac read bellow; 

Authorizing your Waves 5.9 Enabler for Intel-based Mac to your iLok  is a one-time process that can be completed on any computer with an  Internet connection.

If your Intel-based Mac is not  connected to the Internet, install the following to your Internet  computer:

1. Download and install the Pace Driver/Extension. 
2. Download and install the 'Enabler Authorizers'

Plug your  iLok key (s/n: 0000DC40) into an available USB port, making sure this is  the only iLok key or dongle currently plugged in. Then, take these  steps:

1. Launch the Waves 5.9Enabler iLok Authorizer located at: 
Intel-based Mac: Hard Drive > Application > Waves > Authorizers  > Waves
5.9Enabler iLok Authorizer.
Mac PPC: Double click the  Waves 5.9Enabler iLok Authorizer file you
PC: Double  click the Waves 5.9 iLok Authorizer file you

2.  Uncheck the "Use License Card" check box and hit "Next."
3. Choose  "Internet Activation" and hit "Next."
4. Your Response will appear in  the web-browser within a few seconds.
5. Copy your Response.
6.  Paste it into the lower field of the iLok Authorizer, hit 'Next" and  "Finish."

Your iLok is now authorized.

If you  need further assistance feel free to contact us or visit

Waves Single Plugin Authorization on Intel-Mac
  1. Hard Disk Authorization is only availale for Single Plugins as of 2/16/07
  2. donwnload bundle plugin that contains single plugin.
  3. install and download HD authorizer from Waves download.
  4. go to Waves User account, register Serial number and click "Authorize Hard Disk"
  5. select the product for Hard Disk authorization.
  6. run HD authorizer, and copy challenge code to "Authorize Hard Disk" page, and summit
  7. after authorize, CALL waves to get 5.9 Enabler (requires iLok from this time) for intel-mac
  8. Waves will registere 5.9 enabler to customer Waves account,
  9. run iLok Enabler from Macintosh HD/Applications/Waves/Authoirzer,
  10. uncheck "use license card", run internet activation
  11. copy and paste "Response code" to Enabler window.
  12. done.

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