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Differences between Apple Logic Express and Logic Studio
Last Updated: 12/18/2008
Basically speaking, Logic Express is the same application as Logic Pro. All of the recording, editing, scoring, and mixing features are the same. Here is what Logic Express does NOT have:

- Surround
- DAE/TDM support
- Distributed Audio Processing
- EuCon control surface support

There are 70 effects in Logic Express. Logic Pro features additional mastering tools, delays and Space Designer.

On the instrument side Logic Express features 36 instruments from Logic Pro including Ultrabeat, ES2 and the full EXS24 sampler and editor. The additional instruments in Logic Pro are EVB3, EVD6, EVP88 and Sculpture.

Beyond those differences, Logic Studio includes other applications and content that give it incredible value.

Along with Logic Pro, Logic Studio also comes with MainStage, Soundtrack Pro, Waveburner and five Jam Pack collections.

For only $199, Logic Express is a fantastic holiday bargain. And for those customers who want more, Logic Studio offers the complete collection of Apple's Pro Audio software for only $499.

And for customers on a budget, you can start with the $199 Logic Express, and later you can upgrade to Logic Studio for $299

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