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Audio Computer Tech Support and Service

Knowledge, service, experience, integrity:
The Professional Audio Solutions Difference!!

Is you DAW system giving you fits?
Do those boxes you got from a chain store never seem to work properly?
Are you getting the maximum performance out of your system?
Most computer audio problems are related to improper inital set up and installation!

Try our computer audio tune up special

Bring or send in your computer DAW, keyboard, mouse, your original software, audio hardware, and registration,
we will overhaul your complete system in our new computer shop here in Nashville.

we build windows based PC computers and configure Apple Macs for audio applications.
Our complete system packages feature 30 days tech support, complete system install and testing, of all hardware
and software components.

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we will upgrade and configure your current system that you bought from the competition,
and improve it's performance.

we will even configure all of the boxes you bought from a chain store into a turnkey system,
that you can turn on and begin making music with the system immediately!!!!.

$199.00 complete!!! ( this is a $300 value!!!)


  • Complete operating system OS clean install on Windows PC or Mac
  • Updates to all existing System software.
  • Updates to all audio software, virtual instruments, plug-ins.
  • Install of 1 of your audio software host applications, 1 virtual instruments and 1 audio interface.
  • (must be registered user, we will not service "cracked" or illegal copies)


  • does not include shipping
  • up to 2 hrs of labor , larger software bundles may require additional charge
  • does not include any failures or compatibility issues of customer provided hardware or software
  • Please back up your existing project data on a separate hard drive that you keep.
  • does not include any necessary hardware parts, RAM etc.
  • usually 2-3 business day turnaround

call 800-834-5986 ext 14 for more information

Thanks to you for making us the Southeast's Premiere Pro Audio recording source, giving you the technical
and musical truth since 1999.
Knowledge, service, and products that will never be available from a chain store.

Knowledge, service, experience, integrity:
The Professional Audio Solutions Difference!!