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Engineering driven….not SALES driven…

that’s what our installation division is all about. Obviously we must sell components to stay in business, but we never allow gear sales to purely drive our system designs.

The design MUST drive the sale. As a matter of fact, we choose not to stock a lot of the gear we specify in a design…quite simply because not two designs are ever the same. So, in order to keep our focus on the engineering aspect of a project and not on the sales, we only order what is needed when it is needed.

This way, we are not so inclined to sell what is on the shelf just to get rid of it.

An Engineered System vs. A non-engineered system

Deciding whether or not to invest in the engineering time needed to properly design an audio system is a cut-and-dried issue for some, but for others this is not considered a valuable use of funds. The reason the others do not consider this use of funds valuable is for several reasons:

· If you are going to buy a sound system and not have engaged or are not willing to engage someone who is qualified in audio system design engineering to PROPERLY engineer, design, install, and calibrate your system in your room, then spend as little money as possible on the system. It is WAY better to spend as little as possible on a system that will not work than it is to spend a lot on a system that will not work. Proper engineering is the only possible way to ensure you are being a good steward of God’s resources

· We do not provide “L.A.R.” systems…”Looks About Right”.

We do NOT recommend that you buy an L.A.R. system.

We do NOT recommend that you use a local retail musical instrument store that has no engineering department; it’s a retail store! Their motivation is to sell you what is on the shelf first, and if they do not have it in stock, they will order it for you as soon as you pay for it.

We do not sell you anything until the engineering package is complete, and you have seen the proven results yourself. Lastly, we do not recommend that you buy your equipment online and piece-mill your system yourself; unless of course you enjoy wasting money.

· Engineering provides no basis for opinion, it only provides facts. It has been our experience that proper engineering always provides results that are 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Engineering audio is based on the laws of physics…laws written by God himself.

It is our job to lead you in the right direction, and make sure you are not being led astray. The “Looks About Right” approach may be used with really good intentions, but it has been proven over and over, (and you may be a victim of the L.A.R. approach right now) that avoiding the engineering process is costly, and disappointing 100% of the time.