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First Baptist Church-Goodlettsville, TN.

Pro Audio Solutions now has the distinct privilege of being the first company in history to install the Danley Sound Labs JH90 Jericho Horn speakers into a worship facility. This incredible loudspeaker is normally considered only for large outdoor venues such as sports stadiums, and festivals, but has never been considered as a solution for smaller indoor spaces due to its output capability, size, weight, and cost.

However, when compared to a multi-element system where mains, fills, delays, and subwoofers would normally be used, it was found that a simple two-speaker system would not only provide better drama-free audio performance, the labor-cost factor would be greatly reduced as well.

On the surface it appears that the use of such large speakers is overkill, but once the other parameters of the design and installation scope are factored in, the overall cost of using the Jerichos was actually less than using the secondary design of 10 enclosures to cover the room. Consequently, the performance of the Jericho Horn pair makes all the sense in the world.

In this environment there are zero problems to contend with. No comb filtering, no beaming or lobing, no hot spots, and no dead spots. Perfect audio reproduction at every single seat in the sanctuary.

Connected to a bank of Crest Pro-200 series amplifiers that are controlled by a Xilica XP4800 DSP and housed in Middle Atlantic rack and power management system, this system is dead quiet but offers a dynamic range of 140db.

What other house of worship audio system in the world can claim any of this? Most likely, none.  None that we know of anyway. 

Rounding out the system is an Allen & Heath iLive-T console with an IDR-64 Stage Box.

Best of all, this system makes the argument of one-size fits all very viable. While First Baptist Goodlettsville only seats approximately 950 people, this system is easily suited for sanctuaries and spaces up to 10,000 people. Larger and odd-shaped spaces may require a few fills here and there, but, any additional fills needed would be considered only minor.

For the first time in history, worship space owners can now calculate cost and performance of their audio systems with only a small amount of EASE modeling (more for placement than coverage and output level than anything else), and a $5 calculator.

For medium to large facilities, audio system costs now plummet, while ease of use and fidelity skyrocket.

The system at First Baptist Goodlettsville, Tennessee, has to be heard to be believed. And for those who think a Line Array design is the only way to go, we will be happy to compare this system to any Line Array system located between planet Mercury, and Pluto.

Until another Jericho system is installed in another church somewhere, First Baptist Church Goodlettsville has the best sounding audio system in the universe. It really is that good.