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Specialist in Technology and Audio Lending

LFCI specializes in equipment 'lease to own financing' for the Audio-Video, Computer, and High Tech Industries. LFCI's 16 year history and our in-depth knowledge of the equipment allows us to approve many more applications than traditional lease companies, and traditional banker types.  The LFCI staff consists of IT professionals, former touring musicians, engineers, marketing, and finance specialists.  Paper is processed "In-House" so you avoid the middleman who doesn't understand the equipment or industry.

LFCI Lease To Own Equipment Financing Program

LFCI - "The" Audio-Video Lending Experts  - For Over 15 years:
  • LFCI knows and understands the equipment -  so you get more approvals!
  • Owner of LFCI used to tour back in the 1800's with his 1976 Alembic Bass, Serial#276
  • We know that Midas is not just a muffler
Lease Benefits - its easier to qualify for a lease!
  • Start-up businesses to $100,000 (more with guarantor)
  • Application only up to $150,000 / No limit with financials
  • Preserve your cash
  • A lease does not show up on your credit report like a credit card or bank loan
  • Pay on time and get:
  • Additional lease line of credit to $150,000 - without tax returns!
"Creative Payment Options":
  • Step payment - choose your own payment for first 1-2 years
  • $20 Check delivers your equipment
  • Skip-payment program for slow months
  • $99 per month for the first six to twelve months
Add Equipment To Your Lease / Trade In & Upgrade
  • Add equipment to your lease at any time ($5,000 or more)
  • You can reset the terms too - go from 24 to 60 months or 60 months to 24
Huge Tax Write Off For This year
  • 100% tax write off up to $108,000 - right off your taxable income
  • Even if you take advantage of our 6x$99 program (1st six months at $99 per month)
Working Capital Loan & Equipment Financing:
  • Get 25% of the equipment amount in cash to spend as you please
  • One application for a lease & working capital loan
Need More Info or An Application?

Go To: http://www.LFCI.net
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at: http://www.lfci.net/paymentquoting.htm

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Contact: Gregory Carr
Phone: 800-626-LFCI, 800-626-5324

Creative Financing Solutions - For Over 15 Years