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PAS Remote Help™ Service

Software Installation and Solving a Computer Problem Remotely.

Understading Remote Tech Support and install
Here at Professional Audio Solutions, we have built and set up over 1000 DAW computer systems. Proper installation and setup of your music software and hardware is critical for proper system operation. No matter where you are in the world, with a high speed internet connection, and a phone line we can install and test your system.

No matter where you are, or which  Apple Macintosh / Windows PC, audio computer system you are using, we can help you to install  software, or resolve your audio computer problems (even office computer). If you have poor or no tech support from your vendor or no service at your location and need expert advice and help, here we are, PAS Remote Help™ Service.

You don't have to send your computer here for installation or service, we will access your computer with your permission and take control of your computer over the network and install software, driver, and fix the problem.

We have implemented PAS Remote Help™ to serve you better, and have you to spend more time on creative music work.

*Picture shows that our tech is helping a customer's Digital Performer issue on Apple Mac, and another customer installing Steinberg Nuendo on a Windows PC

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Would you like to use our PAS Remote Help™ Service?
Please fill out the form and our tech will contact you via email or phone with further information in 24hours

Service Rate:
minimum $35 for 20minutes, then you will be billed in 20min increments at $35 per each 20 minutes

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