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Why Do Business with  Us ?

We at Pro Audio Solutions are a little bit outspoken about our level of expertise in the world of Installed Audio, Video, Lighting, and Acoustics. In short, we are the Best. Period….end of story. Yes that is a bold statement indeed; some may even say arrogant. But before the tomatoes start flying, let us explain why we make that claim. The main reason is our clients deserve that. So, we’ve worked to become that! Who would want to hire someone that was second best, or third best, or an also-ran….then pay them money? We wouldn’t, so how could we expect our clients to? In short, we’ll put our system design expertise, and customer service up against anybody’s!

For years and years, and years, all of us here at Pro Audio Solutions have honed our skills as musicians, writers, players, engineers, and designers. Most of us originate from the major music centers in the US such as Los Angeles/Hollywood, and Nashville. Our background as players, producers, and designers comes from working in Film & TV, Major Recording Studios, Mega-Churches, Small Churches, Songwriter Suites, and Project Studios.

When you do what we do as long as we have done it, in the places we have done it, and that is all you have done, and you keep on doing it, sooner or later you get good at it. Eventually you get very good at it; finally you master it.

For those of you who have worked with us, you know what we are talking about. For those who have not worked with us, let us know and we will put you in touch with the ones who have. Most of these people will be happy tell you their experiences in working with Pro Audio Solutions!